Motor Vehicle Matters

You need your car. You really need your drivers' license. And yet in a moment, whether it's the result of a car accident or being pulled over by the police and being accused of driving under the influence, you can find yourself faced with the possibility of losing your car and/or your license, looking at steep fines… or worse. If you find yourself in one of these situations, you need legal counsel with years of experience and a strong track record. With the representation of the Law Offices of Daniel Karpman, you can trust that you have chosen a practice that will listen to your concerns, make sure you understand all of the issues involved and go to the mat for you.

We believe that high quality legal services should be affordable, dignified and accessible. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with quality legal representation in a timely, efficient manner, at a fair and reasonable fee for services rendered. Please be assured that all aspects of your legal matter will be handled in a confidential and professional manner.

We urge our clients to inquire whenever they have concerns. Our goal is to maintain open, honest and professional attorney-client relationships at all times. Clients always receive copies of legal documents prepared on their behalf. Telephone calls are returned the same day, if possible, and there is no charge for calls of less than 5 minutes duration.